What is the importance of god’s faith?

Since the second in time that people believed something much larger than themselves guided the world and their lives. He seemed so distant in a number of our teachings. The hunt to find God has taken many to faraway lands in hopes that it would be much easier to find Him in another culture or where someone else might have said they discovered God. Searching for God in all Sorts of Places is like searching for you outside yourself. You hunt faces and places and still you cannot find or identify what you are looking for. This search has appeared to be less than fruitful since the searcher is looking for something out of themselves that is contained inside. The spirit of each human is God’s Presence inside, belonging to God, always. Your consciousness belongs to you but your spirit belongs to Him. It cannot be separated from you. You touch the heart of the God within when you seek things that touch your spirit.

is God real

Stunning music, caring for nature and creatures all help us reach that part of ourselves. We touch God once we tap into a love that is far greater than ourselves and dare to express it by believing in something larger than ourselves. We touch God once we tap into the loving energy that is God and act upon it. Staring in the sunrises and sunsets and absorbing the natural beauty that is before us all are a reflection of God that uplifts us and helps us reach the essence of God that is present inside us. They bark or bark, many assaulting the glass, sure that before them is some stranger. In the absence of odor or anything that would alarm them, they believe what they see. It is the same with people.

It is simpler for us to accept that God is ‘out there’ somewhere, looking at us from a distance than to imagine that we are a manifestation of Him. God is within us, not someplace faraway watching us. We are just one and the same with Him, present through His grace, returning to His consciousness when our journey is over find truth there is an end to the search in any pursuit is God real. You are satisfied and might not know the reason why. It is to the searcher to ascertain whether there is truth before you, to take or discard ideas provided for consideration.